No eye contact in Videocalls?

Casablanca brings back eye contact in Video calls
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Making eye contact is important

With Casablanca, your video calls are authentic and fun. Eye contact is important for us humans. It builds more trust and credibility and brings more attention, which leads to greater sales success, and has a 23% higher productivity when working with your teams. Not just wishful thinking, but it is proven by Scientific Studies.

Casablanca brings natural eye contact back into your video calls - all through the software. It's like having a little camera in the middle of your screen - but without the annoying camera. And it works in Zoom, Teams and Google Meet - all popular video tools.
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That is how it works

Key Features

Real Eyecontact

As if you had a small camera in the middle of the screen — but without the annoying camera.

100% Data Privacy

We don't see your meetings! All image data is processed on your computer.

AI in real-time

Our technology computes it lightening fast that you can use the solution live in your call — without any delays.

Compatible everywhere

Casablanca works with all common video conferencing tools such as Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet.
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Read what other experts say about Casablanca

Céline Flores Willers

CEO @ The People Branding Company

“I think it's a great idea and I'm sure these details will make the difference in the near future!”

Jonas Andrulis

CEO @ Aleph Alpha

"I like how the head and eye movement and expressiveness is retained, no reason not to have this active all the time."

Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut

Wirtschaftsministerin Baden-Württemberg

"Wir alle haben ständig Videogespräche und überlegen, wohin wir dabei schauen sollen. Das ist ein großer Sprung."

Carsten Kraus

Member @ Forbes Technology Council

"Videokonferenzen sind eindeutig die Zukunft der privaten und geschäftlichen Kommunikation. Sie werden durch die echte Kommunikation von Angesicht zu Angesicht erheblich verbessert."

Dr. Katharina von Knop

CEO @ Digital Trust

"Ohne Blickkontakt nehmen sich die Menschen gegenseitig als weniger sympathisch wahr. Das macht es schwierig, Vertrauen aufzubauen. Genau das kann aber bei geschäftlichen Treffen entscheidend für den Erfolg sein."
Compatible with all major video calling solutions

Casablanca works as a software-based webcam with all the usual tools.

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Our Story

More questions?

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Casablanca?


Casablanca enables authentic video calls. Our purely software-based solution creates digital eye contact in real time to create a natural face-to-face conversation experience. We use GAN technology to not only keep the gaze on the person opposite (i.e. on the video camera), but to align the entire head at the ideal angle. This enables us to establish genuine eye contact while the user's facial expressions and gestures remain natural and realistic.


What are Casablanca's features?


We use our cutting-edge technology, developed in-house, to realise our vision of authentic video calls. the current stage of our development, our focus is on:

  • Focusing the line of sight in real time
  • 3D control and adjustment of the head to present the user at the ideal angle
  • Authentic preservation and display of facial expressions and gestures

Can the user do something else (like look at their mobile phone) and still appear to be present on the call?


Absolutely not!

Casablanca's motto is "Authentic Video Calls". Our solution only works if the user is actually looking at the conference screen. If they look away, Casablanca will also detect this. This ensures the authenticity of the conversation – no artificial staring or an unavoidable gaze. Eye contact is established in the same way as it would be in an analogue conversation.