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Real Talk

Gaze Contact is the Key in establishing Trust

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"Here's looking at me, Kid!"

Experience the power of eye contact in online meetings with Casablanca. The cold distance of traditional video conferencing is a thing of the past with us - connect with your conversation partners on a deeper level through realistic facial expressions and authentic conversations.

"Think it's a great idea and I'm sure these are the very details that will make the difference in the near future!"

Céline Flores Willers, The People Branding Company
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It's no longer either-or

Until now, to make eye contact in video calls, you had to look directly into your camera lens. No chance for you to perceive the reactions of your conversation partner. Alternatively, you could look at your counterpart - but without eye contact. With Casablanca, this dilemma is a thing of the past.

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What You'll get from us

No one wants to have depersonalized conversations. Let Casablanca become your superpower for authentic video calls!

Correct Your Gaze

With Casablanca, you can look your counterpart authentically in the eye. Adjust your gaze once, and you'll be having digital conversations with natural eye contact.

Adjust your entire Head

You are looking at a second screen and your head is always at an angle in the video? No problem, we frontalize your complete head, for an optimal alignment

No Permanent Staring

The natural way of looking is retained. With Casablanca, you only make eye contact with the person you are talking to when you are really looking at them. If you look away in real life, your gaze direction changes with Casablanca.

Establish a real Connection

Authenticity is dependent on natural, genuine contact between people. Your video calls have lacked this aspect so far - with Casablanca you can change that.

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Casablanca is currently in a closed beta phase. Join our waitlist today and we will inform you as soon as we have a free seat for you.

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