Look at me!

Authentic Conversations & Webcasts

Video Conferencing is great. But so far, it is not authentic. Communication is not only words: Feelings need eye contact, facial expression, the smile around your mouth. And we humans need feelings. So far, video conferencing cannot transport those feelings, as you can never establish eye contact.


We use latest AI technologies to virtually move the camera behind the eyes of the person you are talking to. Thus, Casablanca.ai brings back what was lost. The short video gives you a first impression of how different that feels:

The founder


Before finishing school, Carsten started his first company. He invented a new architecture for programming language interpreters, which two friends of him coded, and they sold it to Atari computers who delievered it to 700000 customers. Later, he started FACT-Finder which is now the leading search technology in large European online stores, with 40 of the Top100 in Germany using it as the central search & navigation. Casablanca is his twelfth company. Carsten holds several patents, and is a known German expert on AI who is often interviewed (more: www.carstenkraus.ai). Since his youth, Carsten is a member of Mensa, the high-IQ society. He plays several instruments, and the game of Go.


take a look at two other of his companies:

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Contact: info@casablanca.ai