we Change the World of Videoconferencing - change the world with us!

To build something that everybody will use - what a great feeling!

When you are building a product that everyone immediately understands - and wants to have! - that's a great feeling!


After Deepfakes and VanGogh paintings, GANs are finally being used in an area that really benefits us humans. Meanwhile hundreds of millions of users use video conferencing every day. The majority of communication is non-verbal, psychologists say. People want to see how the other person feels. With Casablanca.ai we make this possible, bringing back the human touch to communication. This will be an important step for hundreds of millions of people in the world. And you can be a part of it.

We change the world of video conferencing - Change the world with us!


What kind of spirit are we looking for?

Are you ready to explore new frontiers and test ideas no one has tried before? Does it excite you to have intelligent discussions with colleagues who you can learn together with, discover from others around the world, read academic papers and understand them? If you have already proven that, although you may wander off track, you come back and finish your project with enthusiasm, then you are what I am looking for :-)



We are currently looking for:


GAN Practitioner

What we aim to accomplish is not easy: Turning heads in a way that looks perfectly natural while ensuring that facial expressions are 100% preserved. In line with our patent, this requires the use of some GAN techniques which were discovered as recent as 2019. 


We expect you to have practical GAN experience, as well as a little extra: Are you interested in scientific papers, making your own experiments, and further stretching the borders of knowledge in a team of highly intelligent people who might not simply accept your genius, but challenge it? 


If we have not scared you away, please apply now! The world of video conferencing needs you!



General Machine Learning practitioners 

AI is not AI: While some still optimize how advertising can generate more clicks, you could be the one who develops a product that creates a real value to the world. Video conferencing can replace business meetings while allowing more contact between geographically separated friends and families. Facial expressions are more ancient than spoken language, therefore, what we are going to develop together, takes us to the root of human communication.


Paradoxically, Machine Learning is the key to make communication more human. We need object detection, facial sentiment analysis, speech sentiment analysis, single camera eyetracking, and probably much more.


Do you picture yourself here? Do you have a thorough understanding of deep learning, as well as an urge to get things to work in practice? Are you ready to work with a team of highly intelligent people who might not simply accept your genius, but challenge it?


If we have not scared you away, please apply now. The world needs you!



Business Developer

Seeking someone preferably with experience either in quick scaling or in building partnerships with big players. If you are experienced in both....even better! 




If you find Casablanca interesting and think you can support us in any way, just apply and let us know why we should hire you!




please apply at jobs@casablanca.ai

The founder

Before finishing school, Carsten started his first company. He invented a new architecture for programming language interpreters, which two friends of him coded, and they sold it to Atari computers who delievered it to 700000 customers. Later, he started FACT-Finder which is now the leading search technology in large European online stores, with 40 of the Top100 in Germany using it as the central search & navigation. Casablanca is his twelfth company. Carsten holds several patents, and is a known German expert on AI who is often interviewed (more: www.carstenkraus.ai). Since his youth, Carsten is a member of Mensa, the high-IQ society. He plays several instruments, and the game of Go.


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